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March 11, 2018
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The Web Marketing is becoming increasingly important in the customer acquisition strategies of companies and all sectors. The construction sector is obviously not spared! Hire construction SEO services today!

In the world of construction SEO agencies, there are thousands of actors who promise wonders to disoriented customers, helpless against the complexity of levers set up by search engines to climb to the top positions. And then there is JDM Web Technologies. A natural construction marketing agency that aims to meet the demands of companies in difficulty without denying its three convictions: offer quality services, maintain influential networks and put forward the design of a true SEO top of the line.


Whether in the construction marketing sector or any other sector, web marketing is above all the way you will communicate on the web to present your construction marketing services offering and differentiate yourself from your competitors.

It is therefore, important, to pay close attention to what your most serious competitors are doing. It is interesting to analyze the web marketing actions of the leaders of the construction industry but it is especially important to “swim where you have foot” by comparing yourself with competitors of your size. Indeed, the Best SEO Services for construction companies’ means of the major construction sector may not be the same as you but it is not that you cannot stand out.

As you understand, the first step is to understand how those who “communicate well on the web” do it. Analyze first their website, the way it is designed, the way the company communicates its information, construction marketing services offered etc. Then make a comparison between your different competitors but also with you. The most difficult part of this exercise is to stay objective.

Indeed, it can be tempting to say “this company writes anything, my services are much better, etc.” Keep in mind that you are not really there to look for weak points (even if it’s important to know them) but the strengths of your competitors! What interests us at this stage is to understand how they went about setting up their web marketing strategy. They may be worse than you in terms of quality of service but they are currently attracting customers who could contact YOU!

First Free Web Marketing Method: Your Google Business Page

Google Business is the free tool available to businesses to enable them to have a detailed listing that appears in Google results when people type your name.


The analysis of web marketing results (the web analytics) is often the most neglected step by companies. Indeed, companies invest a lot of money in web marketing but are often not able to say if the actions they have undertaken have really paid off. They often have a vague idea of ​​whether “it works” or not for them without being able to give an exact figure regarding their real return on investment.

It is therefore extremely important that you set up the right monitoring tools before you even launch your web marketing campaign. This will allow you to track your performance in real time (number of calls received, contact forms filled, visits to your site, average time spent on your site, pages visited etc.). The first tool to set is Google Analytics (free and very powerful).

Again, do not hesitate to call our experts if you want assistance in the creation and setting up of Google Analytics. We can even offer you training if you want to manage your web marketing campaigns independently.

We hope that this web marketing folder dedicated to the construction sector has taught you things and made you want to start an online communication campaign. You can continue reading through our many other articles dedicated to web marketing by browsing our blog section or contact us to start your web marketing strategy now and win customers via the web.

A natural SEO agency that focuses on quality

Some companies are born of the desire to do business or to dominate the world in their sector. Others are born to respond to natural needs, which have become vital. This was the case of JDM Web Technologies. A few years ago, Google launched its Penguin filter to find “cheat” sites (those who seek to climb the results through a policy of poor quality links) and trapped many companies that had let themselves lead there by unscrupulous SEO agencies. The Eskimo web was born with a hand extended to these sites in difficulty.

By the force of things, JDM Web Technologies has positioned itself as an ethical natural SEO agency, which from the outset has worked on two points: on the one hand, helping unfortunates entangled in Google penalties.

On the other hand, provide them with qualitative and ethical SEO Company, not only so that they never again fall victim to the same traps, but especially to develop their web positioning on a stable and sustainable basis. This is JDM Web Technologies promise every day to its customers: to make SEO for construction companies a long calm river on which their boats will be able to sail in a calm way, without worrying about the dangers that roar under the surface.

Influential networks: the basis of successful communication

To achieve this promise, JDM Web Technologies deploys a secret weapon: the quality of its network. With obviousness, the natural SEO agency with growing success has gradually been transferred to a digital press relations agency. Evidence from the needs of the business: An essential part of any SEO strategy lies in linking, this method of creating inbound links to the target pages on sites with an excellent reputation. And to successfully publish these links, it is necessary to maintain good relations with those who are called the influencers of the web.

In fact, the game of press relations has now moved to the web. And pushed the SEO agency to capitalize on its strong network to do more than offer inbound links: to create a sphere of influence to optimize the reputation 2.0 of a company at the same time as its pages climb in the search engine results.

An agency that navigates the high-end segment

But what makes the natural SEO agency JDM Web Technologies unique is that it is positioned in the high-end segment. A positioning that, in the field of SEO, has much more sense than one would like to believe, especially since too many companies still believe they can enjoy so-called qualitative services at rates defying logic, proposed by agencies with little regard for ethics.

The upscale here is the desire to rise above this blossoming of web players who try to import the model of low cost in the field of SEO. A natural SEO Pricing Packages agency is the opposite: to offer high quality services that certainly have a cost, but without making false promises to customers.

To achieve this, JDM Web Technologies works on several levels. First, make available to its customers SEO consultants among the best in the place, with advanced expertise. Then, accompany them throughout the process, transparently, so that the issues are clear from the start. Finally, insist on the importance of the human relationship in the game of natural referencing: in this sense, for a customer who is guided by construction marketing, the high-end is the fact of being able to benefit from a single interlocutor which gives him a lot of his time, for an optimized customer experience. A kind of luxury construction SEO!

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