Important Precautions for CV Writing to Keep in Mind

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April 25, 2019
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Important Precautions for CV Writing to Keep in Mind

CV writing

A CV should not be too generic. It shows lethargy on the part of the job seeker that he wants to post the same CV to many employers rather than taking the trouble to prepare job specific CV.

In such cases, the recruiters or HR managers may just ignore you. Mistake free CV does not just irritate the employer but if it has obvious errors it speaks negatively about the candidate. If you want to show your competence and seriousness then you have to go a step forward and bother to prepare an error-free CV for each job.

The CV should also include sufficient evidence about your past to substantiate your claims. Hay while tall claims won’t help if these cannot be supported information must be relevant to the job. Certain information may same very dear to you and you may be adamant to share it with others and even with your potential employer but as far as the employer is concern he means business. He has not time to read bull and cock stories so please remain relevant put down only pertinent information in the CV. Do not make any assumptions about the employer. Initially, his only contact with you is through your CV. If the CV is relevant, impressive, concise and eye-catching then you may win a call for an interview or an initial shortlisting.

Remain positive throughout your CV never criticize your previous employer. Never show dissatisfaction about the system, the society, and others. Overall your CV should not drop any hint that you are a disgruntled or dissatisfied person. Any employer would not like to have cribbers or trouble makers in his organization. He would welcome happy team members who create a smooth working atmosphere. The draft and language of the CV have to be excellent. This is the main reason why professional CV writing companies have come in. Everybody may not be able to put his ideas on his paper in an impressive, precise and a logical manner. Unfortunately, the language of E-mail and SMS has adversely affected the language. We tend to use clichés, jargons, and clumsy language. Some employers take this as an offense. In such circumstances, the chances of winning a call are further reduced.

To summarize this article, it can be said, first carefully understand the requirements of the job offered. Then carry out a soul searching and see yourself in a mirror keeping the job also in the same mirror. Now try to overlap yourself on the job. After this process is complete tailor out all relevant data and information about yourself now put it in a very neat and clean platter in front of the employer in your CV. Hopefully, if you have succeeded in matching your past image with the requirements of the job at hand and have also presented your case in a logical and impressive method there should be no reason that you do not win an interview call.

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