What is Featured Snippet and How to Discover this Opportunities for SEO?

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July 13, 2019
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What is Featured Snippet and How to Discover this Opportunities for SEO?

Search Engine Optimization is a complex process, where a lot of crucial things are involved. For running a professional SEO Services, a lot of things are needed to be remembered. With the advent of time, strategies for SEO get changed. With the advent of time, different sorts of SEO practices are introduced. Today, webmasters give priority to the featured snippets. How can they help in the SEO process? Well, winning featured snippets can boost visibility of your website to a significant level. In a competitive environment, clinching featured snippet is not easy, but it can be made possible with a few meticulous steps.

In order to discover the opportunities for SEO with the featured snippets, you can follow the tips in the following section.

Discover and Then Measure

Featured snippet is the newly introduced feature from Google. It is a feature that gives extra opportunity to the businesses or websites to get better SEO exposure. So, what is featured snippet? At first, you need to measure the importance of featured snippet. To measure importance, you need to understand featured snippets. Featured snippet is a newly introduced feature, which comes at the top of Google search page when you search for answers of any questions or search almost anything. Getting featured on this snippet section would mean that Google has trust on your content. As a result, your SEO performance will obtain formidable boost. Nevertheless, clinching a place on featured snippet will help your website to gain tremendous exposure.

Keyword Research

In order to take advantage of the opportunity to get featured on the Google snippet, you need to perform keyword research with precision. Make sure that you practice keyword research properly otherwise chance to get featured on the Google snippet will get narrow. Once keywords are found for the SEO campaign, you need to focus on the process of inserting those keywords into the contents. This will give you the benefit of getting enlisted or featured on the Google snippet. So, keyword research is the primary stage, and it is the key for clinching the position in Google’s featured snippet.

Evaluate the Current Ranking

At the second stage, you need to evaluate the current ranking. It can be done through any SERP checking tool. However, you can also manually insert the keywords in Google and check ranking of your website against the keywords. In order to be featured on the Google snippet, you need to clinch 1 page rank in Google. Not just first page rank, you need to make sure that you get a rank within top 3 positions. This will only enhance your chance to be featured on the Google snippet.

Review SEO Data Time to Time

You need to review your SEO data time after time. It is important to check the SEO data properly as that will help you to understand the performance of your overall SEO campaign. So, you need to track your SEO data time to time and that will eventually (https://www.jdmwebtechnologies.com/affordable-search-engine-optimization/) help you to get featured on the Google snippet.

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