Check out the features

Check out the features

Extract email addresses

Email addresses are not displayed in google maps listing. however out software will be able to extract the email addresses by visiting the website address mentioned in the listing. The software will visit the website and search for email address. if the email address is available, the email address will be extracted.

Supports multiple Keywords and Locations

The software supports multiple keywords and locations, this means you dont have to sit in front of the computer during the extraction. All you have to do is type or copy and paste the list of keywords and locations that you are targeting. and the software will automatically extract the data for you.

Export data in excel

After the data has been extracted, the data can be exported in excel sheet by clicking on the downlaod button in the software.

Transferrable Software Licence

The software Licence can be transferred on a different computer as many times you want. there is no limitations. All you have to do is logout from one computer and then use the licence code on a different computer

Extract data globally

Goolge maps is available in almost every single country. You can extract data from any part of the world without any limitation.

Extraction progress

The software will show you the extraction progress on the left had top corner. this way you will have an understanding as in how long it will take for the extraction process to be complete.

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